Halloween Glow In The Dark Watches with the Button Press

Hello We R Fans! Soraya here today to share with you a very cool Halloween project with the Button Press and some Glow in the Dark glitter! Your kids will love it!

The Button Press is a fun tool with so many possibilities that I wanted to try to make Halloween watches for my kiddos! You will need: the Button Press and its accessories for large buttons, the large inserts, the diecutting inserts, white paper, double sided adhesive tape, Spin It glow in the dark glitter, velcro dots, black cardstock, halloween embellishments (spiders and brads) and a precision knife.

Please find the creative process video on We R medias to see every step of this DIY!

Here is some information about the Button Press: when pressing the first step, don’t forget to rotate the inserts to position A. Then rotate to position B when it comes to add the pin-back to your button. Use the die cutting inserts to cut the perfect size of circle for your button.

When the circle is cut out of the white paper, place adhesive tape all over its surface and sprinkle some glow in the dark glitter to adhere on the surface. Stick a spider in the middle then press again with the pin-back.

Concerning the watch bracelet, I used a black cardstock to create large strips 1 inch 1/2 wide. I used some adhesive foam to stick the button on the bracelet. Then I sticked some velcro dots in a row for tiny wrists to adjust their watch! Tip: use a brad to make the flexibility easier.

And voilĂ , the watches are ready and my kiddos just love them!

Look how fun it is in the dark! I hope you had fun joining me, happy halloween everyone and above all: happy creating!

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