Guest Designer Ruth Bonser


Hi. My name is Ruth Bosner and I’m excited to share my project as We R Memory Keeper’s Guest Designer.

I used the Happy Campers Collection to create a layout and Albums Made Easy spread. I have used camping photos in one, as they are thematically relevant and non-camping photos in the other, using the beautiful wood grain textures as my inspiration for the portraits of children in the trees at the park recently.


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  • Starting from the Happy Campers Journaling card, choose your favourite cards and cut them out to place in the pockets along with your favourite photos.
  • Fill the remaining pocket spaces with various shades of the beautifully neutral wood grain B-side of the Happy Campers. If you have spares, set them aside to layer with die cuts or to punch for extra accents at the end.



  • Using a combination of Die cuts and stickers, layer the cards to suit your story. You can use the titles of the papers and even the collection title as extra word elements, as they are all helpfully names with relevant words for camping. If you have spare 3×4 wood grain cards, you can use them for layering now.


  • I used the Happy Campers title from one of the patterned papers with my arrow to draw attention to the group photo on the left page. Look at all your offcuts for extra embellishment opportunities, you never know what you might find in the pile of things you were planning to recycle.


  • One of my favourite embellishing elements was the the row of flag banners in coordinating colours that is included with the journaling cards. I cut these into individual flags and used them in a few places, building a visual triangle to draw the eye across the layout, from the bottom left right up to the top right corner of the double page. The flag banner accent is repeated in the title and the filler cards on the right hand page, giving a sense of unity to the layout.
  • Get one of the kids involved in your journaling, and don’t forget to ask them to include their name and age so that your remember those little details when you look back.
  • Use We R Memory Keepers Tab punches to add a little embellishment to the photos without drawing attention away from them.
  • If you add stickers to the edge of a photo and trim off the excess, like I did with the “Lets go Camping” chipboard, look for another place to use the rest of the sticker, as it helps the flow of the page to have some repetition on both sides. I added the edge of that sticker to my journaling box on the other page. The journaling box was also a left over when I cut the whole box in half to use for layering with my other Happy Campers project.


  • Using 2 landscape 4×6 photos, mat the photos on patterned paper and place on the left side of the layout, near the top.
  • Before attaching the photo mat, add one longer banner at the top of the mat and several smaller banners down the right hand side mixing up colours and adding some patterns as well. The great thing about using papers from a single collection is that the patterns and colours all mtch so effortlessly.
  • Add a journaling box on top of the banners, if you only need half, save the other half for another project (I used the other half in my camping project life layout)
  • Add the title from the chipboard stickers. Add some embellishments including the arrow and stars to start a visual triangle around the photos. Look for places where there is very little in the photo to place your embellishments.
  • Add a large strip of patterned paper at the bottom of the page, with a few extra stripes of colour layers on the right hand side. You can cut these extra small pieces from the title strip at the bottom of the paper, used to hold the barcode.
  • Use We R Memory Keepers Tab punches to add a spot for the date in the layered cluster.
  • Add the photo corners from the chipboard sticker sheet to make a chevron design in the corner, drawing the attention back into the layout, completing the visual triangle you started with the previous embellishments.

Check out additional projects on my blog. Thanks for stopping by.


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