Guest Designer Amanda

Fall is one of our favorite times of year, there are so many fun things to do. Making the house homey is one of the things we look forward to the most. We love what We R Designer Amanda Johnson did to make her house more homey. She shows us you can do more then just Scrapbook with the Albums Made Easy Journaling Cards.

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Home Decor

I love all of the quotes that come on the albums made easy title cards. They are perfect for some many different projects, from your pocket pages to home decor pieces.

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This card in particular, is a favorite of mine, and I knew that I wanted to put together a simple little home decor piece using it.

I was able to put this together in just under a half hour, that’s what is so great about this system. It makes your projects, whatever they may be, quick and easy, while still giving you the joy of creating!


For this project, I simply bought a plain wooden frame in at my local craft store. Using some mist and a cotton ball, I darkened it to this shade of brown. Inserted my title card, and could have been finished there. It still would have been absolutely adorable, but I wanted to jazz the frame itself up a little. So I took out some more of the AME cards, ones that had a repeating pattern, with no text, and using my silhouette, cut out a bunch of tiny hearts. I layered the hearts together using glue dots. I then strung some twine across my frame, and using those hearts, along with some wood veneer and enamel dots, had an adorable little home décor piece!


Note Cards

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You are given such a great variety of cards in the albums made easy sets, and with getting multiples of each design, you have extras that you can play with! I love leaving little notes/gifts for my husband and kiddos to find. I sneak them into lunch boxes and car seats, just for fun. To give them a smile during the day. As a crafter, I always hated that I didn’t have time to make a cute little card, it usually ended up just being a plain piece of cardstock or patterned paper. With the AME easy system, I am able to give them their note on a cute paper, without having to take tons of time to cut and decorate it!

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These were all so simple. I chose to leave some as is, and just write a not on the. Others, with just a little washi tape, twine, and other embellishments, I was able to make a cute little card for them, that I know they will love!   






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