Gratitude Journal: Part 4

It’s now officially been one week since I started recording five things I’m thankful for each day in my gratitude journal. So far it’s been such a great way for me to stay focused on the positive. I truly believe that when we’re counting our blessings we feel happier–even during the hard times.

gratitude journal 2_aly dosdall

gratitude journal 1_aly dosdall

I added some mini alpha stickers to the page tabs to designate the number of the day. I also added a date stamp on a tab on each page.

gratitude journal 3_aly dosdall

gratitude journal 4_aly dosdall

Some of the things on my daily lists are deep and big, and some are fun and frivolous. I think it’s important to appreciate everything–loved ones, faith, and even iPhones and Mega M&M’s! =) Most of the items on my lists have to do with things that happened during that day. That way I’m also including a bit of a daily record in the process of counting my blessings.

gratitude journal 5_aly dosdall

gratitude journal 6_aly dosdall

As I explained in another post in this series, I’ve used some of my own photos and I’ve found some online. Here are a few tips for finding and using internet photos in your scrapbooks:

  • search on Google images (my personal fav) with “creative commons” included in your search term
  • click on “search tools”, then “size” to find large hi-res images (better for printing)
  • be sure to only use those images you find for personal reasons

gratitude journal 7_aly dosdall

gratitude journal 8_aly dosdall

Most of my photos are 4×6 collages which I created in Picasa–a free Google photo editing software that you can download HERE. A few of my photos are cropped 4×6 prints because I wasn’t able to fit the full 4×6 size on the page. I converted all of my photos to black and white prior to printing so I didn’t have to worry about trying to match so many photos to the colors in my journal.

gratitude journal 9_aly dosdall

gratitude journal 10_aly dosdall

gratitude journal 11_aly dosdall

Thanks so much for letting me share this journal with you. It’s one of my very favorite projects! I’ll share one more post next week on Thanksgiving day with the rest of my photos and journaling filled in. Have a great weekend!


Shine 12×12 Paper Pad
Shine 6×6 Paper Pad
Shine Journaling Cards
Shine Cork Stickers
Shine Acrylic Shapes
Enamel Shapes–Neutral
Washi Tape–Multi-Color Pack, Metallic Gold
Tap Punch–File
Envelope Punch Board
Feather Shape Die
Evolution Advanced
Cinch Chipboard–8×8
Cinch Binding Wire–Black 1 1/4″
Cinch Wire Cutters
The Cinch

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