Goodie Bag Lanterns + Winner!

We’ve reached the end of Goodie Bag week here on the blog, and Chantalle has got an awesome project to share with you today! But first, we’ve got some giveaway business to attend to. The winner of the Goodie Bag Guide and Oh Goodie collection items is…

I’m doing a charity crop for animal rescue and these goodie bags would be amazing! Not to mention how perfect they would be for parties. And I LOVE the Vintage Clothspins!

Congratulations! Please send an email to [email protected] with “Goodie Bag Winner” in the subject line. Include your name and shipping address and we’ll get your prize shipped out to you asap. Now for some Goodie Bag project inspiration!


Hello We R fans! Chantalle here and I’d love to share a fun idea you can make for an outdoor event or a special BBQ, using the DIY Party Goodie Bag Guide and the beautiful Oh Goodie ombré glassine papers.

Goodie Bag Lantern by Chantalle McDaniel for We R Memory Keepers

These glassine papers are so pretty and come in a pack of gorgeous patterns and soft ombré shades. It’s impossible to pick a favourite, so I chose to use all the colours in the pack! I love the translucency of the papers and thought they would work really well with a source of light, so I decided to create some goodie bag lanterns.

Goodie bag lantern_2

I wanted small lanterns so I chose to create with an 8x8inch size paper, which would create a bag of about 3.5 inches across. The Goodie Bag Guide comprises of four sections, which can be removed to suit the size of the finished bag. For my size, I worked with Section A, C & D combined.

Don’t forget to align your guide with the size of the paper you are working with and tear in stages, not all in one long pull, to avoid ripping the paper.

Goodie bag lantern_3

Goodie bag lantern_4

Once the bags were all prepared, I simply folded in the sides, applied runner tape to seal and folded up the bottom. So simple!

Goodie bag lantern_5

Next, for a bit of texture, I ran the bags through my Evolution Advanced with this cute Next Level ‘Woven’ embossing folder.

Goodie bag lantern_6

If you would like to use this method, please open the bag very carefully so as not to rip the delicate paper. I really love the woven effect!

Goodie bag lantern_7

Next, I popped a LED tealight candle into each bag.

Goodie bag lantern_8

The Oh Goodie collection comes with the cutest stickers, wooden pegs, starburst closures and decorative paperclips. I love these stickers and simply folded some over at intervals in between my lanterns along the length of my twine.

Goodie bag lantern_9

To keep my lanterns secure (but also allow me to open the bags to switch the lights off when not in use) I’ve secured each with a little paperclip and a starburst for an extra pop of colour.

Goodie bag lantern_10

My pretties all strung up…

Goodie bag lantern_11 Goodie bag lantern_12

Don’t they look lovely in the evening!

Goodie bag lantern_13

Wishing you lots of hours of fun with your Goodie Bags!

Goodie bag lantern_14




DIY Party Goodie Bag Guide

Oh Goodie Glassine Paper, Ombré

Oh Goodie Gold Foiled Stickers

Oh Goodie Silver Foiled Stickers

Oh Goodie Starburst Closure

Oh Goodie Decorative Paper Clips

Next Level Embossing Folders ‘Woven’

Evolution Advanced Die-cutting/Embossing Machine


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