Hello We R fans! Soraya here to share 8 creative ideas to play with the fabulous Glue Quill Kit available HERE at JOANN Stores! In the Glue Quill kit you can find : 2 glue pens, 4 cutting machine adapters, 2 embossing powders and 4 different glitter jars. There is literally everything you need to create and add embossed and glitter touches to your projects! You can use your favorite electronic cutting machine to create beautiful designs but you can also hand-draw designs you like to add more dimension and sparkles to your work. Let me show you 8 ways to create with no machine! Let’s get started!

To make this pocket page, I decided to go with 1 fun idea per pocket! So here are they!

#1 : Faux stitches : on a tag, draw short lines with the Glue pen. Pour gold embossing powder then use your heat gun for the gold reveal. The result is so fun! This will be a perfect card for the season.

#2 : Create a title : use several diecuts and some washi tape to create layers on your card. Then draw the title using a very clear marker. Outline the title with the Glue pen and pour some pink glitter to make the title shine!

#3 : glitter dots : how fun it is to make your own glitter dots? So easy! Draw little stars and dots with the Glue pen and pour glitter once they’re ready to shine!

#4 : Making labels : the Corner Chomper are perfect to create fun angles! This is why I decided to go with the “Angle Photo” and “Stub Decor” ones to create my labels. Once they’re done, draw lines around the edges and pour glitter & embossing powder to custom them.

#5 : Custom vellum : draw a big flower on the corner of your card. Pour gold embossing powder and use your heat gun to reveal the gold lines. It’s a great way to make a background for your titles.

#6 : Journaling card : let’s create some room for a wishlist! First of all, draw the title with pink glitter. Then use gold glitter to make the boxes and lines, they will perfectly complete the journaling card.

#7 : Water resist : did you know that heat embossing designs was an amazing way to use watercolor? The pigments will slide on the lines and it will make a beautiful effect!

#8 : Glitter on photo : when you have black & white photos, you an easily add some color pops with the glue pen! For example, I had fun making the tree ornaments with gold and pink glitter. So fun and so easy!

Make sure to check the video process on our social medias! I hope you had fun joining me for this Glue Quill review around 8 different ways to create! Take care everybody and until next time!

Products: Glue Quill Kit (661092), Corner Chomper Angle Photo (661302) Corner Chomper Stub & Deco (661300), Tag Punch Board, Mini Evolution, “Hey Santa” collection by American Crafts.

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