Gift Ideas: Custom Sticky Note Box

One thing we can never have enough of around our house is sticky notes.  I love to give these little guys as gifts for teachers, co-workers, or the mail carrier since sticky notes always seem to be in short supply when you need them most.

Watch the video below to learn an easy way to use the Envelope Punch Board to create a custom size box to wrap sticky notes, or any other small thin gift.


To make any size custom box using your Envelope Punch Board, here is the basic formula you can follow:

1. Measure the length and width of the item you need the box for, and then find the appropriate card size on the Envelope Punch Board.

2. To calculate your paper size, measure the depth of the item, multiply it by 2, and then add that to the length and width of your paper size on the punch board.  Cut your paper accordingly.

3.  Find your score line measurement on the punch board and add the item’s depth measurement to that.  That’s where you will line up your paper to start punching and scoring.

4. Once you finish punching and scoring, line your paper up again on the original score line measurement found on the punch board.  Score your paper on all four sides.

5. Cut out each corner following the inner score lines that intersect.

5. Fold and crease all eight score lines, punch one corner to round, and then tape your box together.  Embellish as desired.

Try making these for candy bars, packs of gum, small jewelry boxes, tins, trinkets, or other small gifts.  Happy holiday crafting!


Supplies used:

Envelope Punch Board

North Pole Paper Pack

Brown Baker’s Twine

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