Gift card ideas

If you are like me, you love handing people a gift card for the holidays. It’s a no stress gift that people love. Check out these creative ways to decorate your gift cards by We R’s designer Carrie.

 Exploding Box Gift Card Holder:

_MG_9471 copy

Start with a 12×12 sheet of cardstock or double-sided patterned cardstock paper

Score cardstock at 4 inches and 8 inches.  Turn cardstock and do the same on the other end.  You will end up with nine 4 inch squares.

Carefully cut out the 4 corners leaving you with a sheet of cardstock that looks like a plus sign. Fold all the creases and use a bone folder to reinforce your crease lines. This is the base of your box.  You can decorate the inside and outside to your liking._MG_9467 copy

For the lid of your box you will need a piece of cardstock that measures 7 1/8 x 7 1/8 inches.

You are going to score this at 1 ½ inches on all four sides.

Carefully cut the corners on each score line until you hit the center score line.

Fold on all of your score lines and reinforce with your bone folder.

_MG_9466 copy

Using some glue on all of the corner pieces, fold them in to form your lid.

For the center gift card holder I used a piece of cardstock so that when folded and scored in thirds it fit perfectly in the center square.  There are no exact measurements for this because we all might decorate our box differently and need different sizes. I just kind of played around until I got my piece to fit.  Once it is folded in thirds I carefully cut on the scored center with my craft knife to allow the gift card to slide right in. This piece will stand up right in the center of your box.

Once you are finished with your box it will look like a beautifully wrapped package but when the lid is lifted off the sides will fall down leaving a gift card standing!

Bow for Exploding Box:

To do this you need to cut( 4) 1.5 x 12 inch strips. Form a circle and secure the ends. Do this with all 4 of the strips. Now take your circles and flatten in the center and staple once again. They will look like the number 8 when you are done.  Once you have all of your strips secured  take 2 and form a + with them attaching with another staple.  Repeat this step with the last 2 loops you have formed. Take one and apply it on top other one making sure you fit it in the openings of the bottom + and secure with a staple or heavy-duty glue. Attach a button in the center and your bow is complete.


Mini Pizza Box Gift Card Holder:

_MG_9462 copy

 For this box you are going to start off with a 6 x 11 inch piece of cardstock.

Put your short side of  the  6″ x 11″ cardstock at the top of the scoring tool, score at 1″ and 5″.

Turn your cardstock, and on the 11″ side of your cardstock, score at 1″, 5”, 6” and 10”.

Following the scored lines along the 11” side, use scissors to cut flaps.  Repeat on the other side and stop at the perpendicular scored line.

Adhere the flaps to the inside of box and decorate as you like.

_MG_9464 copy

For the actual holder of the gift card I used a piece of cardstock that measured a bit bigger than the gift card itself and with my craft knife I cut diagonal slits in the opposite corners allowing the gift card to be held in place.

Wallet Gift Card Holder:

_MG_9457 copy      

To start you can use either a 6 x 12 inch piece of cardstock or a 6 x 12 inch piece of double-sided patterned paper. 

On the top 6 inch part of your cardstock take your Mini 8 Punch and punch both corners. This will create the top flap for your wallet. You will see the notches, score from one of the notches to the other and fold over.  Flip over and punch with your 2 Edge matching punch.

Now from the bottom of your wallet score across at 2 inches and 4 ½ inches ._MG_9458 copy

Using the bottom 2 inch fold, apply double-sided tape just to the sides creating a pocket for a personalized card.  Apply your gift card on the top 4 ½ inch square.  Decorate to your liking, fold up and wrap it closed with some festive ribbon.


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