Generations Layout

This summer my parents moved about 30 minutes away from us, but before that I hadn’t lived in the same state as my parents for twenty years.  Thankfully, they were able to come visit us three or four times a year, and what a huge blessing it has been for my kids to have my wonderful parents in their lives!

Each time they would visit I would make sure to take some photos–it’s important to record relationships between generations of extended family.  I didn’t plan an official photo shoot with a professional photographer since my parents’ trips were short and my five kids don’t have a lot of patience. I just sat them down on our living room couch in front of plenty of natural light and let them be themselves while I snapped away.  (Be sure to hand the camera over so you can get into a few shots as well!)

I decided to convert my photos to black and white because I love the timeless ethereal quality black and white photos evoke, and that’s how I feel about these photos that span three generations: they’re timeless and ethereal.

Lastly, I’ll share a couple of tips about my layout.  I used yellow washi tape to create a border around the top right Bloom Journaling Card.  I just placed the tape around the card, turned it over, and trimmed the excess with my small precision scissors.

The “family” Bloom Journaling Card I really wanted to use was vertical and I needed a horizontal card, so I trimmed it to 4″x4″ and mounted it onto another Bloom Journaling Card.

I hope this layout inspired you to record the relationships between generations in your extended family.  Creative cheers!


Supplies used:

Albums Made Easy 6×4 Photo Sleeve

Albums Made Easy Bloom Journaling Cards

Yellow Washi Tape

Small Precision Scissors

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