Framed Desk Art

Hello We R fans and thank you for once again for joining me, as I share with you some decor pieces for my very new little corner of the house. It has taken many years for me to infiltrate but I have finally commandeered the spare room, haha! I now have some lovely natural light to create in and space away from the hustle and bustle. I’ve created some framed pieces for my desk which I hope will set the tone for the room. I’m thinking I now need some hot pink in there for sure!

Framed art_1

I think these frames pack a punch and would make a great gift on a small budget.

Framed art_2

Let me show you how I created them, starting with the smaller ‘Create’ frame…
I started with some simple supplies:

Some store-bought frame
Designer poster board in the black and white stripe
Some acrylic alphabet letters
Heatwave stencil
Minc Reactive Paint
Minc machine

*If you don’t have access to a Minc, some gold paint would work very well too*

Framed art_3

I cut my card down to the size of the frame. In this case it was 5×7 inches.  I taped it down to my work area and adhered my letters with some Blu-Tack. (I don’t know what the equivalent of this would be outside of Australia, lol.  Google suggested Plasti-Tak.) I used Blu-Tack so I could move them incrementally without damaging my paper and also take them off when I ran my paper through my Minc machine.

I then went about painting around the letters with Minc Reactive Paint. I started off with a flourish through the stencil but I didn’t like the way I joined up the dotted area to the flourish, so I painted over it. (BUT I will say that the paint works great through the stencil.)

Once the paint was dry, I ran the paper through the Minc on heat setting number 4. Peeled away the foil and I was amazed at how fabulous it looked!

I wanted to give it a lot more texture and dimension, so I popped the acrylic alphas back on and set about with a bit more paint etc. Finally, I added some gold Clearly Posh chipboard thickers over the top.

Framed art_4

Here is how it turned out… Love is not a big enough word for how I feel about this! It inspires me to not be afraid to explore my own creativity.

Framed art_6

Framed art_5

I completed the set of three with a very simple framed piece of patterned paper from a 6×6 pad of Inked Rose. I’d like to think that the frames represent many possibilities.

Framed art_7

Now let me show you how easy it was to put together the largest frame…

Framed art_8

I used my Alphabet Punch Board to cut the initials of my each of my family. (You could use any word that divides evenly as an alternative of course.) I used the Metallic Foil Pad which is fabulous as the sheets are already cut to size to there is no measuring needed.

A tip If you are wanting to use metallic or a specific side of patterned paper etc, start with the side you want to face up, facing down to make your first punch. This would not be so important for letters that look the same both ways iykwim, but for specific letters and numbers, it would be important.

Framed art_9

I arranged the letters simply across two lines on top of a piece of the same striped Designer Poster Board. In the space on the left, I added some glittering foam thickers. I think the gold on the black & white is really effective.

As a final touch, I’ve added a delicious Ruler Studio Glass Knob to the top as well as a Ruler Studio Hanging Clip. Now I can add some pics or hang a memento off the edge of the frame.

Framed art_11

Framed art_10

I had so much fun creating these and I absolutely love the way they turned out. If you give something like this a go, please tag us in your pics – we’d love to see your beautiful creations!

Framed art_12

Until next time,

Happy crafting!





Alphabet Punch Board
Designer Poster Board Black
Metallic Foil Pad
Ruler Studio 9” Folded Ruler Natural
Ruler Studio Glass Knobs
Ruler Studio Hanging Clips
Clearly Posh Alphabet Thickers

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