Folded Butterfly Garland

My obsession with folded paper projects is no secret. I’ve shared a folded leaf garland, folded paper hearts, and a folded Easter egg frame. I just love the dimension and texture of paper folding. So, what’s next? Today I’m sharing a folded butterfly garland–a wonderful project for spring!

Folded Butterfly Garland by Aly Dosdall

Folded Butterfly Garland by Aly Dosdall 6

It’s easy to create folded butterflies in any size for any project. If you’d like to create the same size butterflies as I did for this project, you’ll need a 6″ square, and a 5″ circle for each butterfly. Designer tip: this is a great project for your 6×6 paper pads. 

cut shapes

Score your circle at every 1/2 inch. Rotate your square 45° (so that it looks like a diamond) and score it at every 1/2 inch. Then accordion fold both shapes, and hot glue the ends together.

score square

fold and glue shapes

Press the folds together tightly and tie a piece of twine, ribbon, or craft wire around the center. Then pinch the sides together at the top and bottom and hot glue them to create a butterfly shape. I used florist wire and made antennae from the ends of the wire after tying the center of the butterfly.

Folded Butterfly Garland by Aly Dosdall 1

Folded Butterfly Garland by Aly Dosdall 2

Folded Butterfly Garland by Aly Dosdall 3

I punched holes in the wings of my butterflies and strung them together on a length of twine to make a garland, but you could use these for gift packaging, altered frames, cards, or other dimensional projects.


Trim and Score Board
Magnetic Circle Cutter
Baker’s Twine

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