Festive Custom Doily

If you’re planning on sharing some treats this Halloween, why not try creating a custom doily to add that special spooky touch.  Line a plate or tray with your favorite Halloween colored paper after punching it with the Lucky 8, or Mini 8 punch and your goodies will look extra irresistible.

To create this custom doily I used a sheet of white cardstock, a sheet of black cardstock, an orange 12×12 washi adhesive sheet, and the Retro Scallop Lucky 8 Punch.

First, I pulled the adhesive backing off the washi sheet and carefully added it to the white cardstock.  Designer tip: use a plastic card to smooth the washi sheet and squeeze out any air bubbles after adhering it to the cardstock.

Next, I punched the washi covered cardstock with the Retro Scallop Lucky 8 Punch using both the outer and inner cuts.  To add some contrast I punched a sheet of black cardstock with the same Lucky 8 Punch using only the outer cut.  I layered the two punched sheets of cardstock on a white platter, and voila!

The washi adhesive sheet makes a perfect grease-proof custom doily, but you can also use your favorite colored cardstock, or patterned paper.

You can also use the Mini 8 punch for smaller batches of treats.  Custom doilies work great for delivering treats to neighbors and friends, parties, school treats, and you can make them for any holiday or occasion using the right papers and colors.


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Supplies used:

Lucky 8 Punch-Retro Scallop

Washi Adhesive Sheet–Orange

Bewitched Textured Cardstock–Cauldron and Ghost

Aly Dosdall

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