Fall Pumpkin Wreath

Hello! Laura here today with a festive fall pumpkin wreath project. It is still pretty warm where I live in Arizona but the temperatures are starting to cool off at night. I recently pulled out all my fall decorations. One of my favorite things to decorate with is wreaths. They provide a cheery welcome to everyone that comes to your home.


To get started making this wreath you will need the DIY Party Sunrise Honeycomb Pads and DIY Party Honeycomb Stencils. I used the small honeycomb pad, but you could also easily make a larger version of this wreath by using the Large Sunrise Honeycomb Pads.


On each honeycomb pad you will trace the smallest of the pumpkin stencil shapes, for a total of three pumpkin shapes on each pad – orange, yellow and cream. Be sure to trace your shape on the adhered edge. Cut out each of the shapes for a total of nine pumpkins.


Next, you will create your paper wreath form. I used green cardstock and the circle template from the honeycomb stencils. I used the largest circle shape possible to create the wreath form. Cut out around the outer circle and the inner circle to create your wreath.


I wanted some sort of stem or vine shape at the top of the pumpkin. The new Decorative Font Punch was perfect for this. I used the leftover paper from creating the wreath form to punch out nine vines.


Using my sticky thumb adhesive I attached the green vine to the top edge of the wreath form.


Then, I added each pumpkin shape by using adhesive on either side of the pumpkin shape and pressing it down firmly on the green ring. I repeated this process around the entire wreath, alternating the colors of the pumpkins.


I snipped the excess green paper from in between each pumpkin shape. Lastly, I attached a green and white twine loop using a piece of clear tape on the back to create a hanger for my wreath.


To dress up the wreath for Halloween, you could add some little cut out shapes to create jack-o-lantern faces on some or all of the pumpkins. For now though, I love this little pumpkin wreath just as it is.





DIY Party Honeycomb Pads, Sunrise

DIY Party Honeycomb Stencils

Green Cardstock

Decorative Font Punch, Elegant

Green and White Baker’s Twine


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