Easter Treat Bags with the Fuse

Hello, Laura here with a cute project to make for Easter using the FUSE tool and accessories. I love making little treat and goodie bags for my kids and their friends at the holidays. These Easter treat bags would be perfect to fill with candy, little trinkets or toys, or even small filled Easter eggs.

Easter Treat Bag by Laura Silva 1

To make these Easter treat bags, I started by cutting the FUSEables paper to 4” x 12”. I used my electronic die-cutting machine to cut out a bunny shape on the first bag.

Easter Treat Bag by Laura Silva 2

(You could easily trace a design on the paper and cut by hand with a craft knife if you don’t have an electronic die-cutting machine.) I used a 4” x 4” photo sleeve and sealed up one side to make it a little bit smaller. I filled it with sequins and attached the pouch to the back side of my bunny design with the FUSE.

Easter Treat Bag by Laura Silva 3

To create a bag, I simply folded the paper in half and used the FUSE to close up each side. Since the FUSEables plastic paper is thicker than page protectors are, use firm pressure and go a little slower to make sure the two sides of the paper fuse together.

Easter Treat Bag by Laura Silva 4

At the top of this bag, I punched two holes and threaded ribbon through the holes. Fill the bag, tie a cute bow, and it is ready for giving. On the other bunny bag, I used a paper clip from the new Oh Goodie Collection to hold the top together.

Easter Treat Bag by Laura Silva 5

For the next bag, I followed the same process of cutting my paper and using my electronic die-cutting machine like I did for the bunny bag. This time, I made a carrot shape on the front. I again trimmed one of the photo sleeves. I added a piece of orange textured cardstock to the pocket. I fused the top and bottom of the pocket to the inside of the bag behind the carrot cut-out.

Easter Treat Bag by Laura Silva 6

To make the carrot topper, I added some of the ruffle decorate tape using my Fuse.

Easter Treat Bag by Laura Silva 8

I then added a strip of decorative tape fringe over the top.

Easter Treat Bag by Laura Silva 7

I used the bunny cut out from the first bag and attached it to the front of the pouch with the FUSE tool. Fold the paper in half and fuse along each side to create a bag. I punched two holes in the top and added some orange twine.

Easter Treat Bag by Laura Silva 9

I love being able to see in the front of the bunny bags. These will be the perfect little gifts for Easter.

Easter Treat Bag by Laura Silva 10



FUSE tool
FUSEables paper pad
Paper trimmer
FUSE photo sleeve
Orange cardstock
FUSEables decorate tape, ruffle
FUSEables decorate tape, fringe


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