DIY Witch Hat Halloween Decor

Hello and a happy-almost-Halloween to those who celebrate it! October 31st is a day we all look forward to in my household. My children love carving pumpkins, dressing up and having lots of fun with their friends. (Ok so Mum loves dressing up too!)

We hold an annual Halloween bash at our place and this year I will be adding some cute items to my décor, which can be whipped up in minutes, using the Template Studio and circle template studio guide.



To make these hats you will need:

Template Studio Starter Kit and Circular template guide;

Three sheets of poster board. (Our standard size in Australia is a little smaller but for those in the US, a size 22×18 inch will be perfect to accommodate the extra large circle size if you want to make an even bigger hat.)

Hot glue gun (or very strong adhesive)





Because our sheets of poster board are smaller, for these hats I have used the Large circle guide. I was initially going to make two extra large hats but due to my poster board being too short in length, I made one large hat and two smaller ones. Each large circle requires a 16×16 inch squares of poster board/cardstock. (I have used 3 large circles.)


Once I had trimmed down the squares, I went about cutting the circular shapes using the circle template guide, which I placed in the corresponding areas along the cutting mat. The printed instructions provided with the kit tell you where to place the guides. TIP: I have collected all of my instructional sheets and collated them on a little book ring.


If you notice any rough edges along the edge of your circle, simply snip off with a pair of scissors.




Once all of my circles were cut. I put two aside and trimmed one down further, as per the circle template guide instructions, to make two party hats/cones. These little cones are going to be used on the two smaller witches hats. I wanted these hat bases to be smaller too so I used a salad plate from the kitchen as a guide and cut these circles out by hand out of some leftover poster board. I have used hot glue to seal the party hats/cones as they provide an instant strong bond. When the cones were sealed, I then adhered one to each of my smaller circular bases. Now we can see the witches hat come together! A ribbon/buckle detail finishes these hats off perfectly. I simply drew a shape on some leftover poster board and cut it out by hand.


Here you can see the size difference… The large hat was created using the same principal as the smaller hats, only I’ve kept the 16×16 base and rolled up another 16×16 circle to create the party hat/cone. Note: I didn’t trim this circle like the others above, as I wanted it as large as possible. I just rolled it up in to a cone shape and trimmed the base a bit flatter with some scissors before I adhered it to the base of the hat.


A bit of fog from my fog machine completes my fun spooky display!


I just love the way these turned and can’t wait to show them off at the party.



Happy haunting!




Template Studio Starter Kit

Circle Template Studio Guide

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