DIY Summer Planner with the All-In-One Tool and the Disc Power Punch

Hi, friends! It’s Yui here today. I want to share a cute and fun DIY summer planner! I made it using The Works All-In-One Tool and the Disc Power Punch. Have you ever used the All-In-One Tool? It’s my first time to use it, so I wanted to try all the features!! I used Brave+Bold collection from Amy Tangerine and American Crafts.

1. Pom-pom

I thought that the round thing related to summer was ice cream! I decided to make ice cream scoops with multi color yarns. And I made an ice cream cone with brown felt. I drew a line with a pen to make it look more like an ice cream cone. Then, I adhered them using the Maker’s Glue Gun.

2. Bow

I made a long ribbon by sticking washi tape together. I tied a double bow, and it was so easy with the bow maker!

3. Tab

Dividers are must for planners! I cut patterned papers to 5.75 × 9 inch. You can choose the width of tab from 3 sizes. I chose the medium size. 

4. Banner

Summer triangle is…in a fresh lemon slice! I trimmed yellow patterned paper to 3 × 3 inch for 3 inch banner. You can select your size from the guide. If you use the triangle as banner, of course it has hole punch. I made 4 triangles and put them on the half circles (7.5″ and 8.5″ diameter).

5. Scoring

 Summer needs the sun! I made orange rosette. The size of paper strip is 1.5×12 inch. 

6. Tassel

 I found paper with rainbow-colored lines. So I wanted to make these colors of tassels. I used embroidery thread. And I put eyelet on the paper with crop-a-dile. I threaded the eyelet and tied the tassel to the thread.

7. Envelope

I need an envelope to put summer memories like tickets. I chose 5 × 8 card size from envelope chart. Prepare the required size of paper(10 × 10 inch) and score, punch, fold and paste! And I pasted one side of the folding magnet so that it could be sealed.

8. Stamp

For this inside page, I trimmed 8.5 × 11 white cardstock papers in half. I found a calendar stamp in the stamp set. I need a lot of pages with calendar stamp, but it’s no problem with this tool! 

9. Tag

I chose the cut-apart sheet to make tags! I cut out my favorite cards, trimmed them with tag maker and then punched the tag hole! Then, I tied washi tape ribbon.

It’s time to use the Disc Power Punch!!

The cover of my planner is 6 × 9 inch. I adhered patterned paper to both sides of heavy cardstock. It was not a problem for my Disc Power Punch tool to cut through all those layers. Inside pages are 0.5 inch shorter than the cover, so I need to adjust the hole. It’s so easy with the alignment guide on the punch. 

Here are all the pages and all the tools I used!! Can’t wait to enjoy summer with this new planner!

All works of All-in-one tool are perfect for summer planner, right? They are so easy and I want to make something more!! See YouTube for details on how to use it.

I hope you enjoyed my summer Planner walk through, and I could inspire you to create cute and fun projects using All-in-one tool and disc power punch. Thanks for stopping by!

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