DIY Popsicle Soaps with the SUDS Soapmaker

Hi, friends! It’s Yui here today. I want to share cute popsicle soaps! It’s perfect for summer.

This time, I tried to add dried fruits. I used real popsicle mold with high heat resistance. It’s so easy to make! I just put some dried fruits and soap base melting with SUDS soapmaker into the mold. I added the scent of fruits, so it became like really popsicles!!

I cooled in the freezer for 30 minutes to make it easier to remove from the mold. After cooling, insert a knife and remove the soap from the mold. 

Next, I tried to take cute flatlay shots with SHOTBOX!

I chose yellow and pink background. And I just put popsicles and the rest of dried fruits. The shotbox made my photos professional levels!

I hope you like it and refer to it with your project. Thank you for stopping by.  There is also a video on YouTube so check it out!

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