DIY Organizer Booklet with Sandra

Get ready for an easy and fun DIY project. Would you like to create a spiral organizer booklet with your favorite patterned papers? But you don’t know how to start? Look no further, because it’s never been that easy with the All-in-One-Tool available at Joann Stores! It’s me, Sandra, and I’m sharing a pretty handmade journal booklet idea for all the lovely memories you will make in 2021.

Make golden memories last forever with the All-in-one-Tool. Create a spiral bound organizer with tabs and your favorite patterned papers.

How to: Start by picking your favorite patterend papers. I used papers from the Marigold Collection by Crate Paper. Next, grab your All-in-One-Tool and use the tab maker to create pretty dividers. The tool comes with detailed descriptions! TIP: You will also need white cardstock for the inside pages, an acetate sheet for the cover, and lots of stickers for decoration. I created 6 tab dividers. The good thing: you can use any paper and any size you want to.

Tab dividers made with the All-in-One-Tool and the Marigold Collection by Crate Paper.

The organizer booklet will help you to keep your favorite memories of 2021. And it’s totally up to you to personalize the inside pages! I used a lot of fun stickers to create decorative boarders and accents throughout my ‘Golden memories’ organizer.

DIY organizer booklet with decorated inside pages for journaling and photos. White cardstock decorated with a variety of stickers from the Marigold Collection by Crate Paper.

In addition, I used my favorite patterned papers to make the tab dividers. Here are two examples showing dividers made with pretty patterned papers from the Marigold Collection by Crate Paper:

Tab divider made with the All-in-One-Tool showing a pretty design with pears.

For the cover of my booklet I used a sheet from the 12×12 inch acetate pad. I really like the quality–just perfect to protect the top tab divider of my organizer.

And now let’s look at how easy it is to create tab dividers with the tool:

The All-in-One-Tool makes it easy to create tab dividers for your journal. Align the paper as shown in the instructions.
First step to create a tab divider from patterned paper with the All-in-One-Tool.

Once the tab is created, use the cutting function to finalize the tab divider:

Cut the tab with the cutting function on the tool.

When the cover, the tab dividers, and the inside pages are all done, use a binding machine to create your journal booklet. And it could look like this:

Organizer for 2021 made with patterned papers from Marigold, the Cinch, and the All-in-One-Tool.

All-In-One Tool The Works available at Joann Stores
12 x 12 Paper Pad Clear Acetate
The Cinch Bindery Tool Heidi Swapp Edition
Crate Paper Marigold Collection: 12 x 12 Paper Pad, Sticker Book, 6 x 12 Cardstock Stickers, Velvet Adhesive Bows

I hope you like my organizer booklet inspiration. Make great memories in 2021 and keep them in style with a handmade journal!


Designer Sandra Dietrich

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