DIY Home Decor with the Spinning Tool

Hello We R Fans! Kimberly here with a much-needed dose of spring on this project! And also the little girl inside of me who had rainbows and hearts and clouds as her bedroom décor! Using the We R Memory Keepers Spinning Tool, I was able to create a fun piece of home décor that is full of encouragement!

The We R Memory Keepers Spinning Tool has several uses, but today I focused on using the Quilling portion of the tool. I knew that adding quill paper pieces to my clouds would make them totally wow!

To begin the project, I die cut clouds from white card stock using the Revolution die cutting machine. By having the clouds in front of me, it was much easier to plan the sizes of quilled paper I would need to fill them in.

To begin using the tool, leave it unplugged from a USB power source. Push the silver button on the side of the Spinning Tool. You can see it at the top on this image. Push that and turn the black portion at the top. This will loosen the opening and let the quill bit stay in place once you let go of the silver button. The bit should spin easily when you press the button after plugging it into the power source.

Note that for this tool, the metal end with the split in the middle should be pointing outwards.

From white card stock, I cut quite a few strips that measure ¼.” That is the perfect size for this tool. I also gathered tweezers and adhesive to have ready.

Place the end of your paper strip into the split end of the quill bit. Holding gently onto the paper, press the button and the paper will begin to spin. Allow the paper to wind around the bit and itself until you have the size desired.

Please note there is another tip that needs to be added to the tool before you spin the paper. I removed it to show you how the paper slides into the split end of the quill bit.

On the end of the paper strip, add adhesive and secure the end. I used my piece as-is to fill in my cloud shapes. But keep in mind that these rolls of paper can be bent to create many different shapes.

I filled several clouds with the rolled paper and layered them onto my project. Glue works best for adhering them to the paper.

I finished off the project by writing a quote from Dr. Maya Angelou on the frame mat.

What quill shapes will you create with your Spinning Tool?


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