Custom Halloween Pillow Boxes With the Mold Press

Hi Crafty Friends!

I have a super exciting project for you today! I created custom pillow boxes for Halloween! I thought it would be fun to create something different this year! Here is what I have come up with!

I used the Mold Press to create these really fun shapes made out of resin. I wanted something with glitter and the Mold Press has helped me create something custom. Here is how I made it.

  1. Set up the Mold Press. Plug into power and plug in vacuum hose. Turn it on and let it heat up for at least 10 minutes. I personally let it warm up for about 15 minutes just to be sure.
  2. Get plastic sheet and remove the protective film from BOTH side. Grab frame and separate the top and bottom of magnetic frame. Place plastic film in the frame using guides.

3. Slide the Magnetic Frame into the Mold Press.

4. As the plastic sheet heats, it will start to droop and will be ready to droop at approximately 1 inch.

I used the Spooky collection from Pebbles to create the pillow boxes. I also cut the spiderwebs using my Silhouette portrait to add a little shine.

5. Place the objects on the Vacuum Screen.

6. Turn on the vacuum and slide the frame down.

For the resin I used the Color Pour Resin and mixed it with glitter I had on hand. The Mold Press is so easy to use and you can customize any project with it!

7. Turn the vacuum off and let it completely cool off before handling. I used the heat resistant gloves to remove the frame from the mold press.

I wanted something different this year to pass out for halloween. I typically put candy in little bags.

8. I removed the shapes from the mold and it was ready for me to use for resin epoxy.

How cute are these resin shapes?! What I love about these is that you can easily turn them into a Halloween ornament as well for those of you who have a “Halloween Tree”.

The options with the Mold Press are limitless! You can make anything into a mold to customize your creations! I love how fast and easy it was!

I hope you enjoyed! Happy crafting!

Supplies –

Mold Press – 661033, Liquid Mold Release – 661142, Heat Resistant Gloves – 661368, Plastic Sheets – 661358

Pebbles Inc – Spooky Collection

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