Crush Layout

Hello, Samantha here to share a layout with the beautiful new Crush collection. I’m also going to show you one way I deal with scrapping a photo that’s not too pretty as part of this Crush layout.

Crush Layout by Samantha Taylor 1

Crush is equal parts elegant and fun. It’s a bit whimsical without being too cutesy. It’s such a fun mix that I knew I couldn’t leave it for scrapping just Valentine’s Day. Every year on our anniversary, my husband and I take a photo together doing whatever it is we decide to do to celebrate. I scrap the photo every year and they live in an album all their own (I love the idea of being able to look through this album after 20, 30, 50 years of marriage!). I figured crush would be perfect for scrapping our most recent anniversary picture. This year we kept it pretty low key. We went out to eat, saw a movie, and then hung out at home. We took a selfie in the movie theater, and I wanted to make it part of the layout, but it’s a really terrible photo! I figured out a solution for my problem using the Photo Sleeve Fuse.

Crush Layout by Samantha Taylor 2

I used my Fuse and a FUSEables Clear Sheet to create a pocket on the outside of the layout for the photo I liked better. I find the 12” Fuse Ruler especially helpful for creating nice straight lines with the Fuse.

Crush Layout by Samantha Taylor 3

Then, I attached the photo that’s not my favorite (that I wanted hidden) directly on the layout, underneath the fuse pocket. When the layout is in the album, you see the main, nicer photo. However, if I want to see the other photo, I can just slide the top photo out of the pocket.

Crush Layout by Samantha Taylor 4

Once I had the photos laid out where I wanted them, I added some of the fun Crush Ephemera and Accent Stickers. The gold Attraction Thickers from the collection are some of my favorite Thickers. They’re shiny and a bit stylized, so they really pop on a layout.

Crush Layout by Samantha Taylor 5

As you can see from this Crush layout, Crush is a great collection for scrapping not just Valentine’s Day, but other loving moments, too. How do you plan on using Crush?

Crush Layout by Samantha Taylor 6



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