Creative Gel Printing with the Sticky Gel Mat

Hello everyone!
It’s Terhi Koskinen here, first time inspiring you with We R Memory Keepers tools. I’m feeling very creative today as I had a chance to play with the Sticky Gel Mat. Playing with paints is relaxing and most importantly super fun!
As the name says, The Sticky Gel Mat is sticky and so it is perfect for jewelry making or other crafts with teeny tiny elements like beads and gems you wish to stay on top your worktable, but also for print making which is where I’m focusing now. You can find them at Joann Fabric and Craft Stores.

To start making your first prints, all you need is the Sticky Gel Mat, a brayer, some paints and papers. The brayer I’m using is the brand new one from American Crafts DIY Shop line. Any paper will do, even the thinnest office paper, but I prefer a bit thicker like light weight watercolor paper or some other for sketching. The prints will look slightly different with textured and smooth papers, and it really is only difference of opinions which really is the best. Try and find out which you prefer more!

American Crafts has a wide selection of paints, and I like the Art Basics Acrylic Paints the most. They are thick enough to stay wet while making patterns and the color options are almost endless.
Acrylic paints can be removed from the Sticky Gel Mat by gently wiping them off with a paper towel and water and if you try out oil paints or similar, then baby oil makes the trick much better than mild soap.

There are lots of ways to create prints, but the basics for starting are simple:

  1. Add small amount of paint on top the Sticky Gel Mat
  2. Spread the paints with DIY Shop Brayer
  3. Gently press paper on top and remove it by pulling from one corner.

When you want more patterns and interest to your prints, add something between the paints and paper. You can use stencils, create unique patterns with rubber stamps, draw straight to the paint with unsharp objects or even use embossing folders to press a shape to the paint.
Also, why not to use small pieces of paper to avoid paint attaching for your printing paper – you’ll get small painted paper pieces at the same time. Small pieces of printed paper looks absolutely wonderful on any projects.
As you see, the possibilities are literally endless!

Hope you are inspired by my mixed media layout!

Thank you for your visit and see you soon!
Terhi xx

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