Creating beautiful Envelopes

Hello everyone! Jeni here – feeling thrilled about sharing this tutorial on how to use the Envelope Punch Board. This tool knocks custom crafting up one notch at least. I mean, you can make an envelope that absolutely compliments your party’s invitation, or that “thank you” note for your neighbor, or your love note to your main squeeze. I like that. It’s all in the details right?


Here’s the how-to:

Use the chart on the Envelope Punch Board to figure out what size of envelope to make, and then trim your paper down. IE, my card 3×5 so I cut the paper for my envelope to 6 ¾  x 6 ¾.

The chart…(which is totally easy to understand, aka fab)


The paper!


Next – set up your paper to be scored. Align your paper with the ruler on the top left side of the punchboard according to the envelope size. So for my 6 ¾ x 6 ¾ envelope, I set my paper at the 2 ¾ mark (again, the chart on the punchboard told me to do it)!


Punch your paper once to get a rounded corner…


Score your paper…


And repeat! After scoring the first side, turn the paper 90 degrees, and line up the first score line with that little lip off of the punch button. Then score the paper again. Repeat this step – punch and score – for the remaining two sides…


And then you will have this. Le envelope!


Tape it up…


And voila. Easy right?


The blue floral envelope in the first photo is for me, actually. I wrote a note to myself about one of my 2014 resolutions, and I’m keeping that note in its envelope right where I’ll see it every day – tucked in the front cover of my journal. And chances are high that I’ll open my envelope nearly every night after journaling and re-read my important “note-to-self” – that little envelope is too pretty to ignore.

Thanks so much for having me today. Cheers! Jeni

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