Create Holiday Candles with the Wick Candle Maker

Hello there! It’s Renee Day and I’m here to share a fun customizable gift using the Wick Candle Maker. With the holidays just around the corner, it’s always a fun time to create unique gifts for friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. Candles make for excellent hostess gifts too.

When I made my candles I had the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday in mind, so naturally I chose colors commonly associated with fall, shades of browns, oranges, and even a pop of green. The Wick Candle Maker kit comes with everything that is needed to make these beautiful candles, here’s how I made mine.

Step 1

Unscrew the top and bottom parts of the mold and insert the wick from the top part of the base to the bottom, leaving a 2″ tail. Add the black rubber stopper then screw the top and bottom parts of the mold back together.

Step 2

Next, tie the remainder of the wick to the metal rod, be sure the wick is taught and trim off the excess.

Step 3

Before adding the wax, make sure the power is off and the spout is in the close position. Then add the wax to the hopper. Since I made a two-toned candle, I only filled mine half way. At this stage add the candle wax dye. I added about 1/8 teaspoon of yellow and a pinch of blue.

Step 4

Turn the dial to start the wax melting process and wait 5 minutes before lifting the lid to stir. At this point the green was a lime color so I added another pinch of blue and gave the Wick Candle Maker another 5 minutes before stirring again.

Step 5

Once the melting and stirring process is complete, place the candle mold into the grooves of the machine and lock it into place. Slowly open the valve and fill the candle mold with the wax. Let the candle cool for 1 hour, follow steps 1-5 again and add the next color, in my case that’s brown.

Step 6

Remove the mold from the unit and slide the metal rod off from the wick. Then remove the black rubber stopper at the bottom of the mold. Next, unscrew the base from the mold then gently push the bottom of the candle and slide it out. Trim both ends of the wick to 0.25″.

Step 7

Now that the candle is complete let’s work on the presentation. Grab the circle tag dies from the We R Memory Keepers Eclectic Vintage set and run them through a die cut machine. Last, wrap some twine around the candle a few times, add the tag, then knot the twine.

These candles are so easy to make and they are just the cutest gifts ever! Happy holidays!


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