Create Arrows using a Punch


Arrow shapes are all the rage right now and are found on everything from patterned paper, to stamps, to embellishments, to electronic die cutting files.  If you’d like to give the arrow shape trend a try, here’s an easy way to include them on any project.

All you need is some patterned paper, scissors, and a square punch.

1. Punch several squares from patterned paper, and stick the square back in the punch centering the square along the corner.  (The farther you place the square in the punch the thinner your arrow will be.)

2.   Punch again and then remove your arrow shape.
3. Line your scissors up on the end of the arrow at a 45 degree angle as shown in the photo  below and trim.  Repeat this on the other end.

Try mixing different widths of arrows for a cool look, or add some hand stitching with the Sew Easy tool through the center of a row of arrow shapes like I did on my card above.  Pretty cool, huh?


Happy Campers Paper Pack

Scallop Mini 8 Punch

Sew Easy

Brown Floss

Small Precision Scissors

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