Craft Room Storage with Jen

Good morning, WeR fans! Jen McDermott here, and today I am going to give you a little peek into my craft space, and show you a few different storage solutions that I use to keep all of my WeR goodies in their places!  I am NOT by nature an organized person….at all.  (My motto is creativity is messy!) And since my craft room is home to my sewing and paper crafting addictions stashes, plus my home-based business and hubby’s photography gear, I really needed help finding a place for everything.  So when WeR released their pretty and functional storage solutions, I couldn’t wait to get them into my craft room to tame the space, and give it a calm, organized vibe.  With the help of my super-organized and talented hubby and a few of his great ideas and handiwork, I now have a craft space I love!  First up, here’s where I do most of my paper crafting:

Craft Room by Jen McDermott 1

I needed some shelving to keep items that I use frequently close to my fingertips, but since this is where I create, I also wanted it to look pretty.  My husband found this bathroom storage cabinet, and added a couple of shelves on either side.  He also installed a couple of bars that hang below the shelves, to make the most of the vertical space on the wall.  I hang storage cups from Ikea on the bars, and keep my scissors, adhesive and markers in them so I can grab them easily, but they aren’t taking up any desk top real estate.  I also have two Albums Made Easy Card Cabinets that I use to store not only my Albums Made Easy Cards, but also my home-based business inventory and  A2 sized greeting cards that I have premade.  That way, when I need to grab a card quickly, they are all in a drawer, ready to go!

Craft Room by Jen McDermott 2

On another wall, I have a large shelving system mounted on the wall.  We wanted something sturdy that was deep enough to fit 12×12 paper, so we found a closet organization system at a home improvement store and my handy hubby installed it.  On one of the shelving towers, I keep all of my large WeR tools, and their accessories.  On the shelf pictured, I have the Albums Made Easy Sleeve Shelves.  I LOVE this shelving system because I have so many different sized sleeves, for the 12×12 Albums, Instagram albums, Cinch albums and Fuse, so it’s so great to be able to separate them out easily.  Hiding against that back wall are my 360 Rolling Crafter’s Bag, Shoulder Bag, and Tote Bag.

Craft Room by Jen McDermott 3

One of my favorite storage solutions in my craft room is my ribbon/twine bar.  My husband got an inexpensive curtain rod and installed it underneath the wall cabinet under my desk. It’s super easy to pop out and reload with ribbon, twine, or even a small roll of gift wrap.  Right now, it’s got my rainbow assortment of WeR baker’s twine.  Gorgeous!

Craft Room by Jen McDermott 4

My last storage solution is my towel bar! On it, I hang a few oft-used punches, my Crop-A-Dile and Corner Chompers.  I also hang those handy Ikea Storage cups with Crop-A-Dile eyelets, Sew Ribbon accessories and my paint brushes.

Craft Room by Jen McDermott 1

Thanks so much for touring my craft space with me!  Do you have any innovative storage solutions for your craft supplies? We’d love to hear them! Stop by our Facebook page to share YOUR ideas, or YOUR craft space, or leave your ideas here on this post!


Albums Made Easy Card Cabinet
Albums Made Easy Sleeve Shelves
Tri-Fold Magnetic Mat
360 Rolling Crafter’s Bag
Crafter’s Shoulder Bag
Tote Bag

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