Craft Room Clean out Page

It had been almost 2 years since my last craft room clean out, so I figured it was about time! A few months ago I added two more shelves full of products and tools, so some of my room was already organized, but most of it wasn’t.

I dumped everything out on my work surface and sorted it into three bins: 1) donate, 2) put away [belongs somewhere else], and 3) keep.  I also kept a large trash bag close by for items that needed to be thrown away.  While everything was out, I dusted and cleaned my shelves and drawers.  I organized the “keep” items and put them back into my space, and then let out a sigh of relief as I looked around at my lovely, clean, and well organized space.

Of course, being a scrapbooker, I recorded the whole process.  Plus, the photos will prove that for a few minutes on Feb 9, 2013 my craft room was actually clean!  Here’s the proof:

I chose a photo sleeve configuration with four landscape 4×6 pockets, and one large 6×8 pocket.  I cut out bits and pieces of Webster Albums Made Easy Journaling Cards and added them to my 4×6 photos and title card before inserting them into the sleeves.

To fill the large pocket, I created a mini 6×8 scrapbook page with a 6×8 piece of Simply Spring patterned paper, two smaller photos, and some elements cut out from the Webster journaling cards.  A bit of washi tape finished off the page nicely.


Supplies used:

Webster Albums Made Easy Journaling Cards

Simply Spring patterned paper

Blue, Orange, and Black Washi Tape

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