Colop E-Mark Create presented by We R Memory Keepers

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  • Courtney

    I’m about to throw this very expensive paper weight out the window! Couldn’t wait to get my Colop Emark Create since the videos make it look so easy to use! I opened the box as soon as I got it but never could get it to work as easily as it looked. Never printed where I wanted it to, could never get it to do a second line, etc. I thought the Colop desktop app would be easier to use than my phone but was told they are not compatible, so I put the thing away for months. Now I finally get it back out to try again and any time I try to save or send the imprint to the printer, the app just shuts down on my phone. No warning, no error message, nothing! I’m so frustrated and really hope someone here can help!

    • Aly Dosdall

      Oh no! We’re so sorry to hear that. First we recommend updating the firmware by clicking on the main menu, then “settings”, the “firmware update”. If you need any further assistance please contact our customer service team via email and they’ll be happy to help you: [email protected].

  • sierra787

    Heloo there WRMK,
    im from Indonesia, and i dont know to to purchase this colop item. can i add it to my cart? can it be ship to Indonesia?

    we dont have any retailer here to buy. am a fan since ever. i also want to order teh wick candle but none of the above items are available in amazon.

    please help me.

    thank you,

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