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Good Morning, and Happy Summer, We R fans! Jen McDermott here, celebrating Kids Craft week with a fun activity you can do with your kids, neighbors, grandkids, nieces and nephews, whoever!  Maybe you’re like me and recently switched to a single cup coffee maker, and now you’re wondering what you’re going to do with all of those leftover coffee filters. Grab them, a few kids, and some washable markers, and you can get to work!

Coffee Filter Flowers by Jen McDermott1

It was a rainy afternoon, and the kids were  getting fidgety, so it was the perfect time to break out the craft supplies.  First, I spread out some paper to use as a “drop cloth” under the coffee filters. They do bleed quite a bit.  Then I passed out  a couple of coffee filters to each kid, lots of washable markers, and told them to create a colorful masterpiece.  They were loving it.

Coffee Filter Flowers by Jen McDermott2

Next, we spread out a kitchen rag and placed our coffee filters on top, and gave them a good, thorough spritzing with a spray bottle.

Coffee Filter Flowers by Jen McDermott3

My three-year-old wanted to help, so I filled up a baby syringe with water and let her squirt it out on her masterpiece.

Coffee Filter Flowers by Jen McDermott4

After you spritz down your filters, lay them all out to dry; you want them nice and crinkly for the next step.

Coffee Filter Flowers by Jen McDermott5

Now, you’re going to gather your dry filters, a Crop a Dile Big Bite, and a Flower Stem Kit.  Layer a couple of filters on top of eachother and and fold it up a bit in the middle, to give it some dimension.

Coffee Filter Flowers by Jen McDermott6

Then, take it over to your Big Bite, and punch a 3/16 hole right in the middle. What I love about using the Big Bite is that you can get right into the middle of your filters to punch easily. Next, grab your Flower Stem kit, and assemble your flowers with the parts in the kit.  I love that after I’m done displaying the flowers my kids made, I can reuse the parts from the kit to make a different flower arrangement with my Flower Punch Board.

Coffee Filter Flowers by Jen McDermott7

Arrange them in a cute vase (or mason jar or milk bottle!) and you are ready to go! A fun, rainy day activity to keep the kids busy! (And how pumped will they be that you are displaying their artwork in a fun way?)

What is your favorite rainy day activity to do with the kids? Share with us!!



Flower Stem Kit
Crop a Dile Big Bite
Precision Glass Cutting Mat



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