Christmas Shaker Book with the Mold Press by Soraya Maes

Hello everybody! It’s the most wonderful time of the year and here come all the handmade gifts to spoil your family and friends! I’m so excited and happy to share this gift idea with you today: a Christmas Shaker Book with the AMAZING Mold Press! Mold Press is available at JOANN Stores and Michaels Stores.

Here is the step by step to make your own Christmas Shaker Book!

First of all, plug in your Mold Press and take off the magnetic frame. Peel off both sides of the plastic sheet before inserting it in between the two frames. Push the power button on, you will see a blue light that indicates it’s on. Allow it to heat up for 10 minutes. Attach the hose adapter to the vacuum port behind the Mold Press and connect your vacuum.

Place the object you want to be molded onto the vacuum screen. Once the plastic sheet is ready, you’ll see it starting to droop. Turn on your vacuum and slide the magnetic frame down to the vacuum screen. Hold it a few seconds and once the mold is done, take out the frame, turn off the machine and turn off your vacuum.

Once it cooled for a few seconds, take off the objects to see the mold! Loooove!

Now that the book cover is done, let’s fill it with UV resin, glitter and confettis! Pour some UV resin in the mold, drop some glitter and candy cane confettis then cure it for one minute. Repeat the process on both candy cane molds until it’s completely filled!

To create the shaker cover of the Christmas Book, I sewed the plastic sheet to a piece of paper after inserting glitter and confettis in between them. I used the Stitch Happy sewing machine since the plastic sheet is pretty thick.

Then, I used the Cinch to bind the cover and all the inner pages together! And here is the final book, I love how it turned!

I hope you had fun joining me today with this holiday gift idea! Make sure to watch the process video on our YouTube channel HERE to see the Mold Press in action! Have fun creating everyone and until next time!

Supplies: Mold Press (CLICK HERE to shop at JOANN, CLICK HERE to shop at Michaels)

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