Christmas Crackers

Create some festive Christmas Crackers for your New Years Party.

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Supplies- Northpole Collection (patterned paper, cardstock and embossed tags)  Loop 2 edge punch,  cardboard tubes,  Sew Ribbon,


1. Cut a piece of cardstock  12”x 7” Punch each end with Loop 2 edge punch, to create a decorative edge.

2. To create center piece-cut a piece of patterned paper 4”x7” and punch a border with the Loop 2 edge punch in a contrasting cardstock, then adhere to center of 4”x7” patterned paper.


3. Center and adhere centerpiece to cardstock base.

4. Center and adhere cardstock base firmly to cardboard tube

5. Gently twist and push one end of cardstock  into roll and tie with ribbon,  fill tube with treats or little gifties, then repeat the twist and push technique on the opposite end.



6. Label and tie on an embossed tag!

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