Christmas Activity Tree with the Evolution Advanced

Good morning, We R fans! Jen McDermott here, sharing a fun family activity that I put together for my kids this holiday season!  I LOVE Advent calendars, but I know with our family’s schedule and with the ages of our kids, a special activity every day would be unrealistic for us. So, to compromise, I came up with a fun activity for us to do together for each weekend day from now until Christmas.

ChristmasDecorwithEvoAdvanced by Jen McDermott4

First, I grabbed my Evolution Advanced, my DIY Party paper pad, and the Mini Valentine die.  I cut out the card bases and inserts, and took them upstairs to assemble.

ChristmasDecorwithEvoAdvanced by Jen McDermott1

Next, I thought of fun activities that we could do together  that were age-appropriate for our kids, and made sure to throw in a few service-related activities so we could share the Christmas spirit and  bless others!
ChristmasDecorwithEvoAdvanced by Jen McDermott2

Then, I just clipped them up on the mini tree on our buffet! So cute!  Our kids can take turns choosing a random envelope, and we’ll have fun Christmas surprise adventure!

ChristmasDecorwithEvoAdvanced by Jen McDermott3

What is your favorite Christmas tradition? Do you do an Advent Calendar at your house? Share with us in the comments, or head over to our Facebook page!

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