Chalkboard Home Decor

I love being able to use my scrapbook stash for projects other than scrapbooking.  It makes me feel better about hoarding all the products I do. =)  Here’s a cute and useful altered project you can hang in your kid’s room, your office, or your kitchen to display little reminders and notes.

To create this altered chalkboard, first I gathered my supplies: a mini whiteboard from the Target $1.00 section, some chalkboard vinyl (found at craft and school supply stores), colored chalk, ribbon, Chalkboard patterned paper and embossed stickers.

Next I measured the whiteboard (8×8 inches) and cut a piece of chalkboard vinyl to 7 7/8 x 7 7/8 inches.  Then I trimmed two 9×9 inch pieces of Chalkboard patterned paper, cutting a 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 inch square out of the center of one piece for the frame of the white board.  These pieceswere used to cover the whiteboard.  I gently pulled apart the whiteboard frame from its base and removed the ribbons and marker.

Next, I cut a 135 degree notch in each corner of the full piece of patterned paper, and scored the edges at 1/2 inch.  (Scoring them prevents tearing when you fold them over the whiteboard base.)  Then I adhered the chalkboard vinyl piece I cut to the base of the whiteboard (covering up the whiteboard) and hot glued the patterned paper to the back, folding the scored and notched edges over the edges of the chalkboard vinyl in front.

Then I scored the outside and inside edges of the piece of patterned paper for the frame at 1/2 inches.  I cut 135 degree notches in the outside corners, and cut a 1/2 inch slit at 45 degrees into the inside corners as shown.

Then I hot glued the paper over the frame of the whiteboard, added a piece of ribbon to the right side of the base (to hold a piece of chalk), and hot glued the frame to the base.  To finish off my project I added some embossed stickers and a ribbon at the top for hanging.  Then I tied a piece of yellow chalk to the end of the ribbon on the side.

Try using your favorite We R paper collection to create some fun home decor that you can display in your house.  Creative cheers!


We R supplies used:

Chalkboard patterned paper

Chalkboard embossed stickers

Sew Ribbon grey

Aly Dosdall

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