Beautiful Moments Corkboard Frame

Good Morning We R Memory Keepers friends, Wendy here today sharing my Organizational Gallery Corkboard decorated with the brand new Flower Girl collection.  I was so inspired when I was going through the Flower Girl papers that I decided to recreate the idea on my Corkboard.

Beautiful Moments Board by Wendy Antenucci for We R Memory Keepers

I pulled my favorite items that I wanted to try and use on my corkboard which then helped me pick my colors for my butterfly lights.  I arranged the butterflies with a little space in between so they wouldn’t bunch up and I had enough lights left to come down the side of the board.

Beautiful Moments Board by Wendy Antenucci-1

I then took my wood veneers that I had chosen and hot glued them onto the Ruler Studio picture clips, this way I will be able to change out the pieces on my Corkboard as often as I would like to.

Beautiful Moments Board by Wendy Antenucci-2

Once I had my basic board idea I took the Natural String and adhered it to my board to mimic the banner paper from the Flower Girl collection.    I chose my favorite 4×6 card to be the focal point of my board and used my new clips to secure it.  I added a few fun pieces around this focal point to draw your attention to it.

Beautiful Moments Board by Wendy Antenucci-3

I chose a few pieces of ephemera to decorate my string and to help bring the colors down the board from the butterflies at the top.  I chose the banners to give my piece a whimsy feel.  I also used a few butterflies to hide where I attached my lights to the frame.

Beautiful Moments Board by Wendy Antenucci-4

A few more fun cards that I enjoyed which added some splashes of colors were tucked into the bottom of my frame.  I chose the bird wood veneer and hot glued it to a thumbtack to give my cards at the bottom some added dimension and hold my card to my board.

Beautiful Moments Board by Wendy Antenucci-5

Many of my pieces were tucked in to the frame and held by my clips allowing my board to be changed for the various seasons.  Thanks to the Flower Girl collection (which I have completely fallen in love with) I have a beautiful spring board to showcase some of our spring photos.

Beautiful Moments Board by Wendy Antenucci-6


Supply List:

Organization Gallery Corkboard

Flower Girl Ephemera

Flower Girl Veneer Shapes

Flower Girl Petals Patterned Paper

Ruler Studio Natural String

Ruler Studio LED Light Strand

Ruler Studio Pewter Picture Clips

DIY Party Diecut Butterflies (Bright)


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