Baker’s Twine Tassel Garland

Did you love all the photos from the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show last month as much as I did?

I thought so. =)

Not only do I love seeing the new products coming out, but I can always find fabulous trendy ideas for all kinds of projects there. This year I was very inspired by all the tassels I saw in CHA photos used in various forms of booth decor. I love the cute celebratory look of them and I decided to create a tassel garland using my stash of Sew Easy Baker’s Twine Spools.

Bakers Twine Tassel Garland by Aly Dosdall

Bakers Twine Tassel Garland by Aly Dosdall_close 1

It was easy to create this tassel garland–I’ll show you how. First I wrapped baker’s twine around my hand several times. I wrapped mine about 20 times, but you could wrap it more or less depending on how thick you’d like your tassels to be.

bakers twine tassels 1

Next I wrapped some twine around the top of the loops to secure them. Then I tied the ends in a square knot and trimmed the excess.

bakers twine tassels 2

I cut the loops at the other end in half and then trimmed them so that they’re all even.

bakers twine tassels 3

bakers twine tassels 4

Once I created all my tassels, I strung them together along a piece of green baker’s twine. To do this I used my Sew Easy Needle, which worked great since it has a wide eye. I threaded my green baker’s twine through the eye and then pushed the needle through the tops of the tassels.

bakers twine tassels 6
I tried to mix up the order of the colors so they weren’t in a perfectly repeating pattern–it makes for a more engaging presentation.

Bakers Twine Tassel Garland by Aly Dosdall_close 2

A Baker’s Twine Tassel Garland is perfect decor for any room or for any occasion–showers, parties, holidays, birthdays, or just for fun. Creative cheers!



Sew Easy Baker’s Twine Spools–Yellow, Aqua, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink
Sew Easy Needles

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