Back To School Organizer with the All In One Tool

Hello We R Fans! Soraya here today to share a fun back to school tutorial: how to make a handy organizer that looks like a cute school bag! Grab your All In One Tool and follow this easy step by step with me!

You will only need 2 patterned papers (12×12) to make the structure of the organizer and 4 more (6-7/8 x 5) to make the dividers. First of all, let’s prepare all the bases:

Base 1 : trim a rectangle (12×7) and score it at 5 then 7. You should get the first structure.

Base 2 : in the leftover (12×5) trim in half so you get 2 pieces of 6×5. Then score at every 1/2 inch to get 2 accordions.

Base 3: in the second patterned paper, trim a rectangle (10×7) and score at 5 and 6-1/2.

Base 4: in the leftover, trim a stripe (12×1) then score at 2 and 4 on both edges.

Base 5: this one is the smallest (3×1-1/4). Fold a small edge then round the corners.

Base 6: here are the dividers, there is a total of 4 and they all measures 5×6-7/8.

Now that we have all the bases, we’re going to assemble them! Let’s start by the accordions: stick them on both side of Base 1. This will be the main structure.

Grab Base 3 and attach it to Base 1 in order that the smallest flap comes in front of the school bag. Then round the corners with a large angle.

Stick a metal label in the front of the school bag and place Base 5 under the flap, in order to fit in the label. This is why folding a small edge is so helpful since it allows the paper to pass through the metal!

Let’s attach the handle! Take Base 4 and glue gun each edge. Use the folder to soften the middle part and give it a more rounded shape. Glue gun the handle on top and it’s done!

Last step: add the dividers inside the bag, between the accordion folds!

And here is your cute school bag ready to organize your paper supplies, notes… So easy and fun right? Here are the 3 styles I made with various patterned papers from Paige Taylor Evans “Wonders” collection. Feel free to check the video of this tutorial on our social media pages and our YouTube channel for more details. I hope you’ll enjoy making them, have fun everyone!

Products: The Works All In One Tool / 3 Ways Corner Punch / “Wonders” collection by Paige Taylor Evans / We R Glue Gun.

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