August New Releases!

Hi there We R fans! We hope your Monday is going well so far. Today we’ve got no less than 11 new releases to announce, and we can’t wait to share them with you. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

August 2018 New Releases from We R Memory KeepersAugust 2018 New Releases from We R Memory Keepers

Ultimate Tool Kit

This bundle of essential craft supplies includes a Trim & Score Board, 12 inch Cutting Mat, 12 inch Magnetic Ruler, Craft Knife, Sticky Piercer, Paper Scissors, Precision Scissors, Mini Rotary Cutter, Large Bone Folder, and a Large Tape Runner, all kitted together at a great value. Their modern look will keep your workspace looking clean. This is a great starter kit for beginners or for pro crafters refreshing their tools. The Ultimate Tool Kit starts shipping to retailers today, so watch for it in stores and online in the next few weeks.

Ultimate Tool Kit by We R Memory Keepers

Emoji Punch Board

Introducing the Emoji Punch Board from We R Memory Keepers! Choose and create your own custom emojis with five different punches on the same board. Decorate planners, calendars, cards, gifts, tags, scrapbook pages and more. Comes with 30 pieces of pre cut paper perfectly sized for the Emoji Punch Board. It starts shipping to retailers on August 6, 2018.

Emoji Punch Board by We R Memory Keepers

Label It Label Maker

The Label IT Label Maker by We R Memory Keepers is the must-have machine for getting seriously organized. These handheld label makers churn out labels perfectly sized for offices, classrooms, craft rooms, and even for decoration! Add labels to file folders, boxes of old photos, home decor projects, planners, scrapbook pages — the possibilities are endless. And with accessories like font wheels, label holders, and a wide variety of colored tape rolls, your projects will be organized, clean and clutter-free in no time! The Label It starts shipping to retailers in September 2018.

Label It Label Maker by We R Memory Keepers

Bow Loom

Easily create perfect bows in multiple styles and sizes in minutes with the new Bow Loom! Use with twine, yarn, and ribbon. Create bows with multiple loops or single loops, with tails of any length. It starts shipping to retailers on August 6, 2018.

Bow Loom by We R Memory Keepers

Tassel Loom

Easily make decorative tassels for any craft project with the Tassel Loom. It’s adjustable to make 2, 4, or 6 inch tassels. Use any material including ribbon, yarn, and embroidery thread. The innovative foldable design makes for easy storage and on-the-go crafting. It starts shipping to retailers on August 6, 2018.

Tassel Loom by We R Memory Keepers

Jumbo Pom Pom Maker

Easily create pom poms up to 5 inches in diameter with the Jumbo Pom Pom Maker! Make them in any color or material–yarn, twine, ribbon, etc. It’s perfect for clothing, home decor, craft projects, and more! The Jumbo Pom Pom Maker is the largest on the market. It starts shipping to retailers on August 6, 2018.

Jumbo Pom Pom Maker by We R Memory Keepers

Journal Guide

The new Journal Guide is for travel journals, bullet journals, planners, and more! Make check lists with the circle, square, and line guides. Use the rotating guide to create perfect circles. Add sections to make goal trackers and logs. Add banners to your planner
with the ruler and the right angle guides.

Journal Guide by We R Memory Keepers

Circle Spin & Trim

Cut perfect circles every time with the new Circle Spin & Trim! Circle sizes range from 1 inch to 8 inches. The new base and hinge design results in even easier cuts with no cutting mat required. The inner circle rotates 360 degrees, both clockwise and counterclockwise. The rotating handle makes cutting effortless. Includes 2 blades with built in blade storage. The Circle Spin & Trim starts shipping to retailers in September 2018.


Clean Up Roller

Clean up glitter, embossing powder, and other small scraps from hard surfaces in minutes! Easily refresh stickiness and clean the tool by rinsing in water. Fold for easy storage.

Clean Up Roller by We R Memory Keepers

Planner Punch Board Bundle

Includes alignment base and 14 punches in one box. Works with all popular planners on the market. Punches include standard, disc, and spiral. Punches are interchangeable for easy customization. Punches lock together for storage when not in use. Easy reference chart and instructions are included.

Planner Punch Board Bundle by We R Memory Keepers

Mini Layer Guides

Create perfect layers on your small scale projects, such as cards, tags, banners, mini albums, journals and more. Metal reinforced edges for accurate cutting. Catch-lip system requires no measuring. 8 different sizes.

Mini Layer Guides by We R Memory Keepers

Whew! That’s a lot of fun new releases to look forward to. Watch for them in stores and online near the end of August.

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