Animal Print Tumbler

Hello everyone! It’s Eva on the blog today, sharing a cute anima print tumbler made with the Spin it Pro

Have you ever tried making a tumbler? I know it can be scary but with the Spin it Pro the process is very easy! Give it a try and I am sure you are oging to love it!

To create this tumbler, start by cleaning your tumbler with rubbing alcohol and giving it two coats of white primer.

Next, Cover the bottom and the inside of your cup with masking tape and use some liquid glue and white glitter to cover your tumbler. Use the glitter tray to collect all the glitter and reuse it!

I did two coats of glitter and an extra coat of liquid glue at the end.

Using a small brush, create spots on your tumbler and cover them with glitter. Do one color at a time and afterwards dry brush the tumbler to get rid of all the unwanted glitter.

Mix acrylic paint and liquid glue and use a small brush to create black spots around the colored ones. Sprinkle glitter on top and allow everything to dry.

Before coating with resin, make sure you dry brush your tumbler and also give another coat of spray sealer so the black glitter doesn’t move while applying resin.

Mix equal parts of A and B components and cover your tumbler. You will need 2 or 3 coats to cover everything.

And here it is your new tumbler! Isn’t it cool? I love the animal print look!

The process is a bit time consuming but I assure you it is fun and so rewarding to use a tumbler made by yourself! They make great gifts too!

Hope you give it a try! have a great day! Eva

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