Albums Made Easy Storage

Efficient storage and good organization is as important to me as having my favorite craft supplies to play with. It’s not much fun to create pretty things if you can’t find what you need to make them! When the Albums Made Easy Storage was released I was so excited to get my journaling cards and photo sleeves organized.

We R AME Storage by Aly Dosdall

I love the crisp clean white wood with the antique library card drawer handles–right up my alley! Since I have messy handwriting I pulled out my trusty label maker and added labels to the tab dividers. I prefer to organize my journaling cards by collection, but you can organize them any way that works for you (color, theme, style, etc).

card drawer 1

I had more 3×4 card than would fit in the 3×4 drawers so I included my Teresa Collins 3×4 cards with the 4×6 cards, standing them vertically side-by-side in the drawer. To keep things simple, I placed the coordinating cardstock journaling cards with each AME collection. That way they’re easy to find.

card drawer 2

The photo sleeve shelves hold over 200 photo sleeves or page protectors. The shelves come with divider tabs and stickers, but I decided to create my own divider tabs using the File Tab Punch and Tab Stickers.

tab punch and stickers

I added categories with my label maker and then adhered the tabs and stickers to the top photo sleeve from each category. If I ever need to remove the tab stickers from the photos sleeves they peel right off, no problem.

sleeve shelves

Not only do I love how well-organized my Albums Made Easy supplies are now, but I also love how awesome my Albums Made Easy storage looks! And that’s a win-win, right?



Albums Made Easy Card Drawers
Albums Made Easy Sleeve Shelves
Albums Made Easy Journaling Cards
File Tab Punch
File Tab Stickers

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