A Peek at Kathy’s Crafty Space

Hi peeps! How about a peek into my crafty space? I’m really fortunate to have a large attic room to spread out and make great big messes in! I tidied up before I took these photos, so don’t be fooled that it’s this organized! Actually, it’s never this clean! Ha!


Above is my desk, my command center, where the computer sits and blog posts are typed up. Although I try not to do much crafting here, that doesn’t always work since I enjoy perusing Facebook and Pinterest while I create.


Right behind my desk are these ladder shelves where I store items like paper collections, accents and tools. Most of the plastic containers and drawers were purchased at Target years ago. Anytime there was a sale, I’d buy a few more.


A couple folding tables set up side-by-side make up my work table. Half is used for die cutting while the other side is mostly used for stamping.


Since my ladder shelves are pretty full I bought some of these inexpensive wire shelves. Notice on the far right side I was able to create paper slots by adding additional shelves attached with zip-ties.


Over in a window nook, I have another ladder shelf and a simple folding table for my paper cutter. Notice the center shelf is used for photographing my projects. Lots of natural light is the key to good pictures. I also have another window on the opposite side of the room that I photograph at if this one is too sunny.

Something that I’ve learned over the years that I’d like to share with newer paper crafters…my favorite organizing containers are repurposed items and antiques that I find at thrift stores or the flea market. They’re inexpensive and add a lot of character to my space. For example, I found this bamboo utensil drawer that I keep washi tape in.


I also have quite a number of antique cheese boxes that are perfect for so many kinds of supplies, like Copics, spray inks and ink pads.


I love this old ‘grease’ can and us it for button storage. Fun and unique.


Hope you enjoyed taking a look inside my space. Feel free to ask any questions if you have any.

Thanks for sharing a peek into your awesome space Kathy! I love your unique storage containers–way cool.

Be sure to check back in with us tomorrow for National Scrapbook Day. We’ll be giving away lots of awesome prizes and sharing some fabulous inspiration from our design team. Come on over and bring a crafty friend along. You won’t want to miss it!

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