A La Cart Storage Cart Organization Tips

Welcome to a new post here on the WRMK blog featuring organizing tips for your A La Cart Storage Cart (available at JOANN Stores HERE). Like many papercrafters, I have a lot of supplies and tools. And when I sit at my crafting table, I love to have the most needed tools at hand. The storage cart comes in really handy here. First, you can move it around, because it comes with multi-directional wheels. Second, it has three storage shelves, which help you to organize your tools and supplies. Scissors, glue, stamping pads, and crafting tools – they can all go in there and are available within an arms reach. Last but not least, the cart is really decorative and adds a stylish touch to your creative space. Let’s have a look at my brand new Steel Blue Storage Cart:

Steel blue A La Cart Storage Cart with the packaging on the left.

… A couple of minutes later, my storage cart is filled with basic supplies and my favorite tools from WRMK. The top shelve holds scissors, glue, pens and pencils, a cutting-knife, and other little helpers that I need all the time. The second shelve holds everything I need for stamping: stamping pads, acrylic blocks, stamping press, and my favorite stamps. And the third shelve holds a variety of WRMK punch boards like tag punch board, frame punch board, and a small cutting board.

Storage Cart by We R Memory Keepers with three shelves holding craft supplies, punch boards, and tools.

Organizing Tips: 1) Keep it simple! Don’t overstuff your shelves. Put things you need all the time into the top shelve. 2) Use containers to store small things like glue, eraser, running tape, etc. 3) A wooden pencil holder is not only great for pens! It can hold scissors and other small tools too. 4) If you use containers, you can lift them out of the cart and put them onto your crafting table. 5) Clean your cart regularly and destash once in a while to keep your cart tidy. 6) Add a bit of decoration to make your cart look pretty.

Top shelve of the steel blue storage card by WRMK. A white container holds glue, tape runners, and other small items. On the right side, there is a golden pencil holder. A wooden storage for pencils hold scissors, bone folders, and other helpers.

The storage card is not only for crafters! It can be used for other areas in your home too! Think about the bathroom: The cart is decorative and can be used for towels, small plants, and cosmetics.

The storage card is also a great add-on to your bathroom. It's decorative and can be used to store towels, small plants, and cosmetics.

I hope you like my A La Cart Storage Cart Organizing Tips. Do you have one? And what are you using it for? I would love to hear about your storage and organization tips.

Have a great day!

Designer Sandra Dietrich

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